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Custom Saddles, Leatherwork, and Cowboy Gear

About Us

Modeste Creek Saddles started as a way to create our own tack and custom cowboy gear that we could not find anywhere else. Every piece created is a one of a kind, hand made, work of art.  

Everything can be customized  from the basic to the most complex of designs. Not only can you pick your own style and colors, you can add your name, logos, brands, and custom touches. Everything is cut, carved, tooled, stamped, stitched, and dyed in our small leather shop on the ranch. 

Because everything is custom made, prices can vary. Please contact us for orders and specific prices.


Jeff, Krista, Caleb, Chloe & Piper Wheale


Jeff, his wife Krista, son Caleb, and twin girls, Chloe & Piper, live on the Buck Mountain Grazing Reserve, where he cowboys in the summer and takes care of the bulls in the winter. The Wheale Family has been involved in the agricultural and cattle industries for 5 generations. Jeff's maternal grandfather, Ross McLeod, helped to start the Buck Mountain Grazing Pasture, near Buck Lake Alberta in 1964.  He works on his leatherwork during the winter months and in his spare time, making his own gear as well as orders for friends and family. 


 Modeste Creek Saddles                    Jeff Wheale                   Winfield Alberta Canada

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 Custom Saddles, Leatherwork, and Cowboy Gear